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7 Signs he has strong feelings for you

It's harder for men than it is for women to express their feelings for someone. It might be hard for women to know what men think of them. And it's not always easy to tell if a person has feelings for you.

A man's affection for you doesn't have to be expressed verbally. When a man loves someone and doesn't say or express it, it might lead to misunderstanding and confusion. You don't have to wait for a man to express his love for you if you already know he has feelings for you. Here are a few easy methods to tell if a guy likes you.

He's constantly staring at you.

After having feelings for someone, men can't seem to get their eyes off of them. When he gets a chance, he'll be staring at her. Looks like this one are profound, intense and emotionally charged. The first time you see him looking at you, expect him to give you a big smile. The deepest part of his heart is devoted to you and he wants you to know it.

He's always looking for a way to be near you.

You may be sure that a man who truly cares about you will do whatever it takes to be in your company. In order to see you, he may go to your favorite locations like your teammate, sit close to you, and go to the church or mosque where you attend. I can guarantee that he will always crave your company.

He reveals his frailty to you.

When a man trusts and loves you, he will open up to you and show you some of his less-than-perfect qualities. When you ask him questions about himself, he won't be shy about answering them. He'll be more than happy to talk to you.

He's constantly in touch with you by text, phone, and video chat.

This is another another facet of getting to know you better on a personal level. He'll always make the time to talk to you and make sure you're doing okay. To make sure you're okay, he will phone or text you. And he'd phone or text you first thing in the morning just to let you know he thinks about and remembers you all night long. If he has good news, you may be the first person he tells. "

He makes an effort to make you laugh.

He does this because he genuinely cares about your well-being. His goal is to bring you joy and laughter. When he's not with you, he can still send you humorous stories and emojis. And he'd make you laugh or take you to a comedy concert when he was with you. Since your happiness makes him happy, this is the reason.

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