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Husband and wife relationship

What Kind of Wife Do You Want To Be

Being a wife is a title that comes with responsibilities just like being a husband. While many people will agree that marriage is a good thing, they will equally not deny the fact that the responsibilities that come with marriage sometimes make marriage somewhat stressful.

It can be stressful for both the wife and the husband but the focus of this article is going to be on wives. Anytime it comes to division of labour in marital homes, most people are easy to say that men are the financial providers and women are the caretakers of the house. Well I won’t disagree much with them because that has been the only trend in the olden days which still manifests itself in some homes in this modern era. However it cannot be said to be at the same rate as it used to be.

I’m saying this because now not every wife is a housewife and not every man is interested in a housewife although there are some who are. In this article I will be writing about the different kinds of wives based on marital roles and responsibilities and you should be able to tell which one you belong to or wish to belong to.

Full house wife:  These are people who do not want to do anything aside taking care of the house. They do not want to work to get income. They prefer to do unpaid house chores including cooking, cleaning the house, caring for children and all other house work. These women prefer their men to take full responsibility for all their financial needs. From what they eat to what they wear and any other thing they will buy should be provided by their husband. They are fully dependent on their husbands for survival in exchange for taking care of the home. The husband should also pay all fees and bills. These are the ones I call full house wives. Are you one or interested in being one?

The career woman wife: This is a wife that will like roles and responsibilities to be shared equally among her husband and her. This means that both husband and wife share house chores and financial responsibilities equally. So if this week the man cooks, the following week the woman cooks. If the man pays utility bills this month, the following month the woman pays. Everything is 50/50 and such women work and earn their own income. They take responsibility for their own financial needs as well. Is this your choice of the wife you want to be?

The career/housewife: With this type of wife, she works and earns an income but does not contribute to the payment of all bills and other financial responsibilities. She works and buys her own needs and other times even asks for some needs from her husband but her needs are not all the time dependent on the husband, just sometimes. She also does all house chores in addition to being a career woman. So for this one, she works and does house chores but does not pay school fees, utility bills or undertake any financial obligation. That is solely for the man. Is this your choice?

No career or housewife: This is the kind of wife that does not want to do both house chores and work. With this one, she prefers to live without working, maybe possibly getting people to work for her and those people will be paid by her husband. She enjoys looking pretty and always having a good time with husband, more like being treated as a queen. Is this your preference?

Even though I hold my view of which type is the best, I believe everyone has their preference and their reasons for such. As for the the one I believe to be the right one, I will write about it in my next article. Finally I believe that marriage is all about support from both parties and need not to be put under very strict roles. When there is love, anyone is willing to take up responsibilities. But I believe both parties should also have a source of income to be able to support themselves very well.

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