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"Make Women Chase You" - 3 Things To Do When Texting Her

Flirting is the biggest key if you want women to see something special and chase you. Understanding what women fear gives you the better chances of having her with little or no ease. Flirting with a woman doesn't always go verbally, you can actually flirt with her through you text. You can create the life you really want and stop desperately wishing to live the life of one who lives on loan. To be able to achieve your aim of being a great flirt, you need to stop comparing yourself with other guys since that would make you lose your worth. Texting has been used by many pickup artist and Alpha Males, it worked for them and it would also not fail you. Below is some three you could be doing when texting her.

1. Flirt And Be Funny

Being flirty and funny serves as an invisible source to be able to help your games with women. It is interesting to know that beautiful girls want to be nurtured and not bullied. This is a killer move to make you their favourite guy. Try some flirty stuffs when chatting with her online. She might also be flirty as much as you think of her. Also, let your "cocky-and-funny" routine should be activated. It goes a long way to get under her skin.

2. Be Simple And Straightforward 

When texting a girl, there is no time for games if you really mean business with her. Go straight to the point and tell her what you feel about her. Be mindful of your speech when doing that because improper usage of words might land you no where. Before you do, make sure you stir up emotional attraction in her for some weeks before you try this guide. Women love guy who are good at attracting them. Remain simple and straightforward. If she rejects, never mind. Move forward.

3. Make The First Move

In our would today, it's very difficult for a woman to propose or approach you based on our erroneous ideas we have and consider them to be cheap. Make the first move. Be inspirational in your chat with her. Don't be only interested in just having her but go a long way with her in her days of trouble. Assure her of your comfort anytime and she would come chasing after you.

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