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4 Clear signs your girlfriend is playing you.

There are numerous ways as a man you can tell if your girlfriend is playing or doesn't love you. As a man, when your girlfriend doesn't love you, you can be able to tell from her behavior and the way she acts towards you.

Here are 4 clear signs your girlfriend is playing you.

1. She is secretive.

As a man, you should know that when a woman is truly in love with you, she becomes open and tells you everything you need to know. Especially when something is bothering or troubling her, she will talk about it with you. Not just that, she will also be free to answer her phone calls and every other thing in your present. But a lady who doesn't love you or a lady playing you is always secretive, you begin to notice she doesn't answer her call whenever she is with you. She will only answer calls whenever she is alone and doesn't want you to know many details about it.

2. She doesn't put you in her plans.

As a man, another way to know that she is just playing you. It is when she doesn't put you in her plans. You begin to notice that she only talks about herself and doesn't include you in her plans. She begins to talk about visiting a new city, going on vacation or even relocating to a new place. And when you ask her to include you in those plans, she begins to complain. A lady who truly likes you will always want you to be in her future without you begging or asking her for it. So if she doesn't include you while making future plans, then this means she is only playing you.

3. She is always on her phone, texting and smiling.

As a man, if you begin to notice that she is always on her phone, even when you both are together to spend quality time. You begin to notice that she doesn't even care if you're around or not. Instead, she always smiles when she receives a new text message. A lady who truly loves you will always be happy to have quality time with you. Especially when you're both together, she will make sure she keeps away from anything that will stop you both from spending quality time together.

4. She is not telling anyone about you.

A lady who truly loves you will never stop telling her friends and family about how amazing you are. But a lady who is playing you will never tell her friends or family about you. Instead, when someone close to her asks her if she is in a relationship with you, she denies it immediately. This is because she isn't proud of you. A lady who is proud of you will always be proud to mention your name to her friends and family.

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