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Say This Prayer Against Forces Of Spiritual Marriage

Heavenly Lord, show compassion on me for my active involvement in unworthy relationship in the past that had made me a vessel for spirit spouse.

Lord Jesus, I regret, confess and repent from my past sinful and unholy alliance.

Mark 6: 7; By the blood of Jesus, I break off the blood covenant connecting me and every forces of spiritual marriage.

By the blood of Jesus, I come against every forces of spiritual marriage destroying my life and causing setbacks to break and loose your strength.

Spiritual spouse, I release the fire of the Holy Spirit to consume your files, tokens and pictures bearing my name as belonging to you now.

I decree and declare that every action of mine that have landed me into the hands of dark forces of spiritual marriage end now by fire and thunder in Jesus name.

Abba Father, let Your consuming fire burn off every token by the dark forces of spiritual spouses. Say this prayer seven times.

Blood of Jesus Christ, cover my life with your your grace, mercy and compassions. Recite this prayer seven times.

I decree and declare I am not a part of any unsanctioned marriage in the spirit realm by fire and thunder. Say this prayer seven times.

Isaiah 55: 11; Thank You Lord for Your Word that never fails to produce the expected answers to our obedience and prayers.

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