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What Are The Reasons Why Most People Never Get Back With Their Ex?

Most of it must be because of very painful heartbreak💔 that she/he doesn’t want to relive again. It’s not worth it to go back again where you’ve been hurt over and over again going through unnecessary drama, clashing, fights, and emotional roller coasters that don’t help you in life but just misbalance it more. And as much as it might hurt there's time for a reality check and accepting that it's over, relationship didn’t work out, wasn't honored by their partner or both the way the relationship should be. For some dates never took place, harsh words were exchanged that made it even more complicated, apologies never been truly expressed, plans for future never been discussed on moving forward together, hadn’t any progression or worse messed up in playing dirty games, lies with other parties involved and other people hurt.

It is really hurtful to process all the feelings that weren’t reciprocated and the fact that it's over because of no other choice was left but to move on.

When emotionally you might be still attached even after break up, logically it doesn’t make any sense to come together after many tries that didn’t work out before that. What makes you think that this time is any different??? You think you changed? Well think twice because it's not true, most of the times people don't change but find a way to compromise. After it didn't work out first time or maybe second or third time you are should acknowledge by now why your ex doesn't want to get back if you truly knew that person. For even attempt to approach with ex it should be a totally different approach a completely clean start out of past emotional baggage and situations and most likely with face to face truthful sincere conversation which will show the seriousness of your intentions.

Emotional abuse, toxicity, heartbreak, and betrayal are not something you get over easily and that requires a healing time which for some takes years depending on how painful the relationship was and ended.

Hope that was helpful. Good luck🍀

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