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Relationship Tips On Getting Them To Constantly Keep Thinking About You

You remember when you were young and a boy or girl loved you but they were so clingy that you rather ran from them to the other direction? Yes, that is exactly what happens when you like something so much but it keeps running away from you. However, there are simple tricks to turn things in your favor and make them keep thinking about you.

Change your appearance 

Looks and appearances are everything when it comes to dating. For you to keep running on their minds, you have to always have an attractive physical outlook that make their heads roll whenever they see you coming. Let them wonder if it is you or not and let your looks do the magic for you.

Make yourself happy

Think of your favorite desire as yourself. Would you want ‘you’ in your current situation? If yes, then your partner probably sees themselves lucky to have you. If not, you just have to make yourself happy first. That way others will also be thinking about you, just so they can share in your happiness.

Chase your goals

Go after your abandoned goals and aims in life. Once you are invested in your own personal development, others will see that too and run along with you. To make them think about you, you just need to level up and keep them wondering how they can catch up in order to please you.

Practice detachment 

Do not become so attached to your partner if you want them to keep thinking about you. You do not want them to feel suffocated when you become so clingy. When you know that they are yours, you do not have to manipulate anyone to love you, you just give them more room to fall in love with you naturally by having you in mind most of the time.

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