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"He Helps You Take Out Your Braids And You Are In Love" Lydia Forson Quizzes, Is She In Love?

Relationships have been so complicated and Complex to the extent that most people do not even have no idea of how it starts in a very lovely manner but later on in the future it ends in tears.

Sometimes the way it starts and the kind of things that lead to it and how these couples can fight with each other and then they go against one another the next day.

Due to this same happenings in relationships our own Ghanaian movie star Lydia Forson has written and posted onto her twitter platform asking people why such thing happens, because she still wonder why people can relate very smoothly in a particular day but the next day they can't even stand each other.

Lydia Forson

Lydia on her twitter platform revealed that, Relationships are so weird; one day you can't stand this person and the wonder what you are doing with him. The next day he hellos you take out your braids and you are in love. What's that?

This is indeed weird but is Lydia Forson asking this question because she just wants to get answers or because she might be in love and wants to know why she feels that way?

Tell us your thoughts about Lydia Forson's post.

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