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How do we cope with mistreatment in a relationship?

Are you trying to cope up with a mistreatment in a relationship? It can be very challenging to make a decision mentally, emotionally, socially and even financially.

No relationship is perfect. There are disagreements in every relationship but when the person you love the most mistreats you and take liberty of your love, at times it can be extremely difficult to continue that relationship. You love that person so you continue to accept the abuse and violence but slowly from inside you start to break. You get so use that inappropriate behaviour that you even stop seeing wrong in it until one day, you find yourself not only broken but scattered.

It gets very hard at that time because you are under tremendous mental pressure. There are only two ways in any relationship, either to live like that, suffer and lose your dignity over and over again or to make your mind strong and make a decision. Make a decision in which you do justice to yourself, keep your integrity and prevent you from breaking any further.

Make every effort to keep your relationship, but when the same relationship makes you lose yourself, you have to think carefully if it is worth keeping.

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