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Some men are stone hearted

There live a girl in Dabala a small town in the south Tongu district in the Volta region of Ghana, she live with all her family, and she is the only girl among all other siblings, at first she would do chores and will be willing to do more just to make her parents happy but after influence of some peers, everything changed because she now has a boyfriend .

This young ready to start life, fell in love with our neighbors son, when our mother find out about her relationship with the guy she advice her almost everyday but It seems like the advice has done more harm than good. Sometimes when the girl is sent to run errands she would come back very late, then our mother suspect that she has been having intercourse but it was unproven so she did not take that more serious but one day she left to Accra to pay a visit and the unexpected happens, the girl brought the guy to have sex with her on the parents matrimonial bed then our stepdad found out and he told our mother, our mum became very angry then she ordered her brothers whip her mercilessly but no one knows that the girl was pregnant but after sometime when our mother find out she later gave up on her. Months passed and she gave birth to a male, after giving birth she went to stay with the guy but the guy always mistreated her then as a mother, upon seeing all this things she gave her a chance 

But the girl seems to be madly in love, she went back to the boyfriend and she was impregnated the second time. here a great problem Arose the guy denied the pregnancy. but when she was going for check ups, she has been told to take a medication about GHc 1500, the guy denied her because she he was having an affair with her best friend who normally eat from them and my sister was left in the air, then she was giving a second chance by our mum. Mother went to borrow money at financial institutions for her medication then she later gave birth to a girl now when it was time to pay the loan our mother does not have enough money so she had to give up on her business to pay the loan, our mum was harassed but now the guy want the second baby and the case was forwarded to court but they were counsel to forget everything and the guy never paid a penny but he was told to be paying some amount of money to take care of the kids and he did that for some few period and he now stopped.

But now the girl has learnt her lesson and she is now hustling in Accra.

But the question is

1. Was the counseling the good thing ?

2. must the girl sue her friend ?

3. Was the mother right to take those decisions and risk?

4.must the second baby be given to the man? 

Remember never underestimate TRUE LOVE. 

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Arose Dabala Tongu Volta


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