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She Humilated Him And Left Him In Shame After He Asked For Her Hand In Marriage, See Why She Did It

Relationships can be perplexing to the core and sometimes put us in some really hard, indecisive situations. You might have been dating your partner for quite some time now, and everything is going pretty well in the right direction.

 You have started imagining what the future holds for "both" of you, and when you hint at marriage, your partner clarifies that he/she is not interested in marriage. According

to a post shared by one popular journalist on Facebook, a lady turned down her boyfriend's proposal because she thinks the marriage would not be fruitful because her boyfriend has yet to get a job.

According to reports, the boy is still hustling to make money, but he thought he was building a life together with his girlfriend, not knowing that his girlfriend's friend is looking for an already made man. His

girlfriend rejected his proposal in the midst of all the people just because he had yet to establish his life. Should a man without a job and money be thinking of marriage? 

She turned down his proposal because she saw no future with him.

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