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Meet Brittney Tonee The CEO Of Busty Wine Liquor Causes A Lot of Confusions With Her Huge Shapes

Variety, it's said is the spice of life. All ain't created equal, some are beautifully slim, short, thick and tall. God being all-wise created all things beautiful and on his last creation, he made the world most gorgeous, all sweet and life-giver creation, the woman.

The woman being outstanding among all creation is much understood from her body makeup. Her body not been touched is hot, not eaten but sweet, alluring to every man's eyes and in this article I bring to you God's plus-size creation, hot, sweet and charming lady, Brittney Tonee.

Many women who are endowed with huge body shapes today are boosting around on the internet with their huge chest (breast), hips and big backsides. Today, they walk free without feeling shy of their body unlike years ago that ladies with big backsides and hips used to hide out in their chambers and hardly comes out due to the reactions from society. At first women with huge body shapes were not regarded as beautiful women in some society but today these ladies are now worshipped and considered in the world as the most beautiful creatures of God. Men now run to have them as their lovers and wives. 

Many beautiful American models have carved a niche for themselves due to the sumptuous photos they have been sharing on social media. American models are really blessed with enormous shapes which have been causing a lot of confusions among men online. In this world today, women endowed with huge shapes are really cherished and admired by most people.

Brittney Tonee is an American model, an entrepreneur, a brand ambassador and a social media activist. She was born and raised in California but she is currently residing in Texas. Brittney Tonee is a positive enthusiast who love fitness and fashion. Her goals is to reach a lot of women in the world and educate them about body positivity. Brittney Tonee is one of the most beautiful and curvaceous models in the United States of America.

Brittney Tonee is a naturally gifted curvaceous lady who is gifted with a huge backside and front side (breast). Her body shape made a lot of people talked of her going for surgery but Brittney Tonee confirmed it to her fans and the media that she was born beautifully and curvy like this and she loves who she is.

Brittney Tonee has modeled for a lot of fashion brands in America. Brittney is currently the brand ambassador for FashionNovaCurve, one of the largest clothing lines in America. She is the CEO of Busty Wine Liquor, a very large pub in Dallas, Texas. Brittney has been causing a lot of confusions on Instagram with her huge shapes which she has been displaying with her infamous Instagram account.

Checkout some stunning photos of Brittney Tonee;

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