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I Can't Hold It Anymore, I'm In Love With My 9 Year-Old Student - Teacher Confesses

A male teacher in Primary Four admits to being seriously in love with one of his adolescent female students.

In his confession, the Unknown Basic teacher claimed that the beautiful young girl admires him greatly and is very loyal to him.

He claims to have had multiple dreams about his student, and the only reason he hasn't touched her is because he is disciplined enough to prevent such a drastic move.

His emotions have reached a point where he can no longer control them, and he is also hesitant to fire his shot due to her age. As a result, he is seeking public advice to see how he can better resolve such a divisive feeling.

“I have a big crush on one of my classmates. She's nine years old and will turn ten in June. She is very attractive.”

“She's stunning. I always think about her and dream about her. Since she is so young, I feel powerless. She adores me and is always by me. Parts of his statement said, "I still feel the urge to touch her, but I have been very disciplined." He stated

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