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No Make-Up, Wig, Earrings Or Necklace, See Photos Showing How Deeper Life Church Wedding Looks Like

Wedding days are one of the most special days in the life of women who wishes to get married some day and on that day, they love to give their best looks.

However, some women decide to be all natural on their wedding day and in Ghana, such event and weddings is always witnessed at Deeper Life Church.

 In Ghana, the Deeper Life church is a very conservative Christian church that is unique.

 Since its inception in 1973, Deeper Life Bible church is a church that stands out from the rest. Thanks to their uniqueness, sobriety and dressing sense which has remained unchanged since its inception. 

If you want to see “Christian sisters” still on long skirts with modest dresses and blouses; you will certainly find them in their thousands in this church.

The Deeper life Bible Church is known for their strict stance on what couples especially women wear for their weddings or trad. So on her traditional marriage day this Deeper Life sister rocks a to-match traditional outfit. 

Dressing, the men really do not have anything to lose. men dress alike they can be fashionable and still blend into the church. its the young girls i feel sorry for. they are not allowed to be fashionable.they have to cover their heads, arms knees and every part of the body.

 in that Ghana heat. in the summer in my church you can never find people covering up like these people do. there are ways of looking decent.and fashionable. i don't think what a woman wears has anything to do with her inside. some people cover themselves from head to toe and are promiscuous.

 i agree as a Christian girl, lady or woman, one should look decent but i think these people take the dressing to the extreme. and please what is wrong in a woman wearing trousers?

Deeper life parents should watch Cristian channels on TV or cable e and see how these people dress.

This is really commendable as they look very beautiful and decent as well on their wedding day with no artificial beautification unlike most wedding in today's world

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