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Various Types Of Side Chicks And Their Identity

In this dispensation, it's obvious some beautiful ladies like to be side chicks than being the wife. Because they think the work and responsibilities of a wife is very difficult yet the benefit is small, unlike being a side chick where your man keeps pampering you with the fear of losing you.

Once a man gets a side chick he starts to treat the main chick poorly by not showering her with flowers or gifts, stop calling as much, the compliments begin to fade, he becomes rude and the sex life changes tremendously. 

It’s because the man has other options, someone else to show him attention and stroke his ego. This is the main reason why these side chicks don't ever want to be another man’s main chick.

The various types of side chicks and what they represent as well the main chick are what I have listed below.

The main chick is the original wife who gives unconditional love. She is holding everything together at home. The main chick has to wash her man’s dirty draws, nurture him when he is sick, and make sure her spouse takes care of his overall health. 

She is the one who deals with the attitude, the cooking, cleaning of the house, managing and taking care of the children, and everything that has to do with the progress of the family.

The side chick number one is the one that is called the best-loved side chick. This side chick looks good and appealing on the outside, she knows her place and understands she is having a fun time away from home. 

She craves for material things and has sex with whomever she wants. She lives a free life and gets showered with gifts. She plays her role very well to be loved by her man.

The side chick number two is the substandard with the main aim of getting pregnant to trap the man to win her to get bigger income and child support from her man.

For her all she is working herself for is to get pregnant for her man so that her child or children will bear the man’s name and to have a part of his inheritance when he dies. And also to use the child to raise money from the man.

The number three side chick is the one that is the one that is to cause problems just to ruin the man’s marriage relationship without caring about the consequence.

They lurk in the night ready to pick up the phone on the first ring whenever your man calls, ready to open her legs with no condom. 

She mentally and physically makes it difficult for true love. She waits in the shadows for her day to strike and steal your man.

A side chick is compared to Proverbs 7:10-12. People who have many past relationships find it very difficult to bond or be joined to anybody with love because their souls are fragmented and lost. I don’t blame side chicks for being who they are. The side chick is not the one who made a commitment to you, the man decided to break his values and cheat on his wife. 

Once a woman reaches a certain age, I don’t understand why she would want to carry on a long affair with another man who will never commit to her. These women do not value their worth and have low self-esteem. 

Public announcement “There is a full stock of penises in the world, get your own.” The average woman will not share her personal belongings, for example her car, her jeweler, her children, so why share your man?

“Karma is true when you know you are intentionally doing wrong to someone. Karma will come back on you.”  

So please all side checks should look for a man they will be their main chicks. A word to a wise is enough.

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