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Become A Ladies' Man: How To Please Women

If you are reading this article you were probably trying to figure out how to please girls", maybe you searched for it on search engines and here you are. Well, I'll tell you right away that on this page you will find the answers to your questions, so make yourself comfortable and read through. Before going into details, however, I want to clarify something and explain something important to you.

What you will find on most sites that deal with seduction will be very restrictive advice on the attitude to have to seduce girls and some will even recommend pre-set phrases to parrot to make a good impression. If you have been following me for a while you know that I am extremely against these methods, simply because they teach you to lie rather than develop your true personality and present yourself in the best way .

Also, each of us is different and therefore the style that works for one person may not work for you. There is no style that works for everyone, what always works is to train yourself to develop the seductive instinct in you, and improve yourself in order to present yourself in the most attractive and seductive way possible.

1. Appearance

It is true that outward appearance is not the main factor when it comes to getting a girl , but it is undeniable that it still matters. This does not mean that to seduce a woman you must necessarily be beautiful. Take me for example, I'm no extraordinary guy, I'm a normal guy and yet women can't resist me because I know how to touch their deepest chords.What I'm talking about is having a neat appearance.

It means you can't hope to please a girl if you show up with an unkempt beard, all scruffy and badly dressed. From now on, you will have to take care of your look and be responsible for your appearance. Here are some key points to watch out for to dramatically improve your outward appearance; dressing, beard and hair

2. Conversation

If you want to conquer a girl, you will also have to talk to her for a while before going to be. Regarding the conversation we can distinguish two fundamental skills: What do you say, how do you say it? Both are very important, in fact if you have good exposure skills, but you say a lot of bitches, for sure the girl will not be so interested in what you say. On the contrary, if you have a lot of interesting things to say, but you tell them as if your cat had died, that's not okay. 

Now I will not dwell on what are the topics to talk about, if you are interested you can learn more by reading the article: " What to talk about with a girl". The advice I can give you is that: the more interesting your life, the more things you will have to tell. I am not saying that you have to spend your life traveling the world, but simply that you have to cultivate hobbies, interests. The more you have the better. If you spend your days at home playing on the playstation or in front of the computer I bet you won't have many topics of conversation when you are with a girl.

3. Avoid recurring mistakes

Over the years, first of learning the secrets of seduction for myself and then helping others, I have identified a series of recurring mistakes that almost everyone makes. If you know how to do it, seduction is extremely simple and straightforward, but unfortunately no one is “born learned” and no one teaches us to seduce, so it is inevitable to make mistakes. And since if no one tells you where you are wrong, you keep doing them over and over without realizing it.

And if you're having a hard time picking up it means you're definitely doing them too.

4. Sincere and congruent

No matter what you tell the girl, if you are not sincere and congruent you will have a bad end. You can't pretend with a girl you want to conquer. Unfortunately for you women have a sixth sense for these things, if they feel you're lying you're done. 

They have a natural talent for unconsciously understanding and interpreting non-verbal language and if they see that what you say is not congruent with your body language , you have no chance. Once they start not trusting you anymore, you never get them back. In this regard, it may also be of interest to the articles on the language of the female body and the body language in seduction.

5. Know how to turn on the right switches

As I often say, seducing a girl can in some ways be compared to playing a piano or a guitaI'll explain it to you right away: imagine having to play a piano without having ever done it before, what would come out of it?

6. Certainly nothing good.

If, on the other hand, you are a piano expert, you know the notes and you know how to play them in the right sequence, a beautiful melody will come out. With women it is not very different, you can go by trial and error without knowing exactly what you are doing, and hope that it suits you or you can work hard to learn which are the right buttons to touch and in what sequence.At that point, the girls will do everything to impress you and to please you.

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