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6 Signs That A Lady Has Feelings For You

As a man, there are numerous ways to know when a lady has feelings for you. Some guys find it very difficult in identifying a lady who has feelings or affection for him, while some can identify such a lady. 

There are certain behavior and character you will notice in a lady who has feelings for you. If you are able to pay attention to her body language, you can easily tell when a lady has feelings for you as a man. 

1. She calls you more often.

Today, texting is one of the popular ways of communication. And most people now prefer texting to calling. So if a lady regularly calls you to know how you are doing, then this is a sign that she might want to be more than a friend. If she often calls you just to know how you are doing or likes to hear about your day. Then there is a high chance she is interested in you.

2. She always compliments your outfits.

A lady gets impressed when a guy dresses to her taste. So if she is impressed with your outfits or likes your outfit, she won't hesitate to compliment your outfits. However, a lady who doesn't like the idea of saying sweets words to every guy she thinks looks good. She may still find a way to let him know he is looking good. 

But she will always compliment a guy who she has feelings for. So whenever you always compliment your outfits, then there is a high chance that she has feelings for you.

3. She tries things that you like.

When a lady is interested in you, she will take interest in things you like. One of the signs that a girl has feelings for you is if she is willing to try out new things for you. She will want to participate in hobbies you like. Such as watching your favorite sport with you, playing games with you, or even going out to watch movies with you. 

4. She posts about you on her social media.

It is a world of social media. Another way to know if she is interested in you is if she often shows you off on her social media, it could be her stories, or she posts you regularly. Then there is a high chance she has feelings for you. So if she often posts you on her Instagram, Facebook or WhatsApp stories. Then it is obvious she got something for you.

5. She invites you over to her place.

This is a sign that she wants to spend more time with you. And she is also proud of you. A lady will only invite someone who she is comfortable with to her place. And not everyone gets this chance to meet her family, friends and loved ones.

6. She replies your message instantly.

If she always replies your message immediately, then this means she enjoys chatting with you, and she is always quick to read and reply your messages. When a girl keeps replying your message instantly, then it means that there is a high chance she is enjoying the conversation and wants to take it further.

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