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(Video) A Married Lady Stucked In Bed With Her Cheating Boyfriend. Advice To Everybody.

To the boys or girls who like chasing after Married men or women, take advice from this. You might not know the wife or husband of the married person you may be cheating with.

Marriage is an institution established by God and it is an agreement between two individuals, Usually a man and woman who decides to stay together as husband and wife "and have gone through all the process recognized for that purpose".

It is very Painful especially in the Northern Part of Ghana when a man goes through a painful process: collection of Cow, drinks,cloths etc. by the bride's family only for the woman to enter Marriage and be cheating. Yes! It is painful and uncalled-for.

Love is reciprocal, if for any reason you don't love a person, please don't marry the person to cheat.

Believe it or not there are two spirits on earth; the spirit of God and the spirit of the devil. In a video sited on thunder TV and going viral,a certain man who suspected his wife of cheating, went behind to a "juju man" just for his wife to be disgraced if truly she was cheating on him.

Lo and behold the "juju" stucked and the married woman after performing everything with her boyfriend got Stucked in and the man couldn't get up from the lady. The most interesting thing, a dangerous black snake appeared lying by their side seeing to it that, they don't get up to anywhere. This should serve as an advice to everybody. Those that chase after married Men or Women please desist from such act.

Watch the Video below :

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