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5 qualities that women secretly look for in guy

One of the most complicated things for a man in life, is when he has reached the stage to get marriage but he is not finding his right choice. 

Sometimes it feels like every lady is taken... Well, that's not the case but is because you don't fit in the requirements (am not talking about physical features) of most women, especially the ones that you love.

There are some qualities that women look for eccentrically in guys and if you don't posse those qualities is a total turn off for them.

What are these qualities?

The first quality that women looked for in a guy is;

1. Chemistry: When there is a chemistry, there is this kind of connection that naturally comes, and women tends to deal with these connections a lot 

They think to themselves, can I carry on a conversation with this person? Do I feel energized when I have a conversation with this person? 

These are some of the questions that women often asked themselves to firmly establish a foundation and a relationship

2. Stability: Women translate to see if emotionally, economically, and relationally you are stable as a man. 

Relationally stable means(This means she can count on you to be reliable, and predictable and that you are someone whom she can rely on if you have kids together. 

Woman tends to find your stability through the conversation they have with you, so be careful with the things you say when having a conversation with any woman

3. Protectiveness: Women want to be with someone who can protect them, someone who they feel safe with at all times. They want to boldly say, I always feel secure when am with you, I don't have to be defensive, because you are always with me. 

Whenever you are walking with a lady let her know you are capable of protecting her through your words but most importantly through your action because action speaks louder than words

4. Acceptance: women want a man who can understand them and accept them just the way they are.

They want a man who can help them to overcome their weaknesses and not to downgrade them or judge them

5. Talkative: One thing that turns a woman off from a guy is a guy who likes talking plenty, especially a guy who only knows how to talk balderdash. It just turns them off, because if you talk too much you begin to bring out things that are meant to be secret, and when you say those things they realize that you cannot keep secrets in a relationship.

So if you are talkative, learn to shut your mouth, speak a little and when you are talking think before you talk.

Words of caution for both men and women

If you are a lady out there and you pay too much attention to the looks of men being stature, complexion, and other physical features, it will be extremely hard for you as a lady to get your right choice of man same applies to men, if you are a man and you pay too much attention to the physical features of ladies being their booty, skin color, breast and other physical features it will be extremely hard for you as a man to find your right choice of woman

If you are a woman and there's a character that a man shows, which turns you off, you can write them in the comment section, to help we the guys

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