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[SCREENSHOTS] This Is What Ghanaians Have To Say About Your Childish Relationship Behavior.

On social media today, precisely on Facebook (TIA) page, it was fun and much interesting reading comments from different opinions about Childishness in Most Ghanaian relationship. In case you might missed that part of the chat then get ready for it here. 

Directly, the question was... "What are the Sings or things that shows you are in a Childish Relationship?"

Literally you being Childish is you doing things that are suitable for a child or doing things aught to done by children only. But, somehow in the context of Love and relationship, it's the things a partner to do express their feelings that they love their partner more. For example: already you are in love with your partner yet you say ' I love you' every day as if you are now coming to propose love. It sounds childish though yet some lovers can't do a day without it.

Ghanaians, according to their reactions are with the view that it's good to be childish in relationship some times just for fun and jokes. However there are certain things which should never be taken for granted in a relationship all in the name of humor. There was this man who told the fiancee that, she missing his call means she is busy with another man. Aww like how!! And some people, when they got upset at work (office) they will turn their phone on airplane mode. They don't even care who call and who doesn't. What about people who with just little misunderstanding, their social media status will say it all? All these are immaturity and not fun anymore. 

When you are always jovial, how would your love take you serious when you really mean it? Always be serious but when it's time for fun don't ignore it, do it quick and back to your seriousness. 

This story without screenshots might be a half story!!

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