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Wedding planning scene

Can she be a guest at your wedding. Checkout reactions from netizens.

Weddings are events that climax the love between a man and a woman. Normally it can be done in the traditional way, church way or even in a court. Mostly, people prefer the the traditional way before the church weddings. After the church wedding, there is the reception or the merry making, which attracts many people including the grooms family members and the brides family members and also well wishers. It’s normally a time of fun and excitement. 

A picture of a lady who is well endowed in terms of her body recently tweeted about being a guest at a wedding ceremony. According to her she was a just a guest and nothing else. This has met many reactions from the some social media users. According some of them, they are confused about the curvaceous body of the lady in question. Many men are drooling over her curvaceous body to the extent that many are even asking whether her body is real or fake. This is because they can’t seem to fathom how a lady can possess such a huge curvaceous body. 

Also one guy even went to the extreme of even asking the lady to sit on her fortune which he doesn’t mind. It seems nowadays many guys are after the curvaceous women and not looking at what they can do aside the body. 

So the question is can she be a guest at your wedding. Some answered that it’s highly impossible for them to look at the body of this lady and get married as well, especially if their bride doesn’t have that stature. 

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