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Viral Photos Of An Old Man And His Young Lover Causes Stir On Social Media

Young ladies in the 21st Century are gradually increasing their interest in old men. Most ladies have confessed that it is because the old men are knowledgeable about caring for women and they're very responsible compared to the younger men.

There's even a term for an old man/woman pursuing a relationship with a younger person it's called (sugar daddy or Mommy). These relationships are often secretive due to the societal perspective on the subject.

However, a new couple has defied the odds and stabbed societal perspectives and opinions in the back by displaying their love for each other to the world.

An old man and a very young woman are supposedly getting engaged hence went in for pre-wedding photoshoots which immediately joined the trending lists on social media. As usual, social media commentaries emerged, and opinions were shared about their romantic affairs.

Some were with the opinion that the young lady is just an opportunist salivating over the old man's wealth whereas some opined that, true love knows no age. What do you think? 

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