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A conversation I just had with an LGBT friend of mine.

My friend is into homosexuality and has great interest in it. He shared some of his concerns about being gay in Ghana with me, not as a friend really but as an acquaintance. He said, "In this life or in this sexual relationship, we are in Africa, and what I do is not legal here. That is why, when engaged in this, you must maintain secrecy because the government has not agreed to it."

He also discussed the anguish he experiences when he is denied the opportunity to show the world who he really is, especially when his emotions are forcibly suppressed by the public. ‘People are not permitted to do that kind of thing in Ghana. When you have the freedom to do anything you want, you can go anywhere and do anything you want. For example, if I'm with my boyfriend, I can't walk around holding him or kissing him outside because it's not permitted. But when I'm in the same room as my girlfriend, we can have all the fun we want without anybody having issues with us."

He also shared his concern about being gay in Ghana. He said, "The public will also try to beat you and despise you because the game is not accepted. So, when acting in a certain way they find offensive, you must exercise extreme caution." He also described how uneasy he feels in his current situation. He wished that the nation as a whole would embrace this act and force them to live the lives they desired.

'I find it difficult to come out the way I am. We all know that no matter how you feel, we are all men. Some are born with a homosexual hearts while others learn it from others. It looks different when you are born with this act than when you imitate the gay act', he said.

He did, however, express optimism that things will improve in Ghana in terms of its acceptance. He said, "I am confident that the West will find a way for this country to embrace this act. How long can we fight now that they've embraced it and are pushing us? Another leader with great wisdom could come along and embrace it right away, without regard for Ghanaians' feelings. Ghanaians are not civilized at all," he added.

Do you think he is right? Will Ghana accept this LGBT thing very soon?

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