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Sweet Ways To Show Your Boyfriend You Love Him over Text (and Make Him Miss You)

When you’re in a relationship, showing your boyfriend that you love him can strengthen your connection and make him feel more confident. If you aren’t together in person, it can be a little tough to figure out how to express how much he means to you. Fortunately, there are tons of ways you can tell your boyfriend that you love him over text to keep your relationship solid. Keep reading to learn what you can say to your BF to hold you over until you see him again!

Method 1 Text him about something that reminded you of him.

Maybe you saw a painting or read a book that made you think of him. Whatever it was, send your boyfriend a quick text telling him that he’s on your mind. He’ll be happy that you thought of him, and he’ll probably think it’s super romantic.

If it’s a physical object (like a book), try texting him a picture of it.

Say something like, “Just heard our favorite song on the radio! Made me think of you.”

Or, “Just drove past that restaurant we went to last week. Miss you!”

Or, “This painting made me think of you. Look at all the pretty colors!”

Method 2 Give him a compliment.

Tell him something you love about him. It could be about his looks, his personality, or how great of a boyfriend he is. Even if it’s completely random, it will make him feel good that you thought about him! Plus, giving him compliments is a great way to show him that you love him, even when you can’t see him in person. Say something like:

“You always know how to make me laugh.”

“You looked so cute yesterday! I love your new haircut.”

“Thanks for cheering me up. You’re such a good boyfriend.”

Method 3 Tell him you’ve been thinking about him.

If he’s on your mind randomly, let him know. It’s always nice to hear from people who are thinking of you when you’re not around. If he pops into your head unexpectedly, tell him about it so he knows you care. You could say something like:

“Can you stop running through my mind? I’m trying to focus!”

“Can’t stop thinking about you and your cute face.”

“Randomly thinking about you this morning! Love you.”

Method 4 Try a funny play on words.

Make him chuckle when you tell him that you love him. If you have a silly pun to tell him, send it in a text to make him laugh! He’ll appreciate your sense of humor, and you’ll put a smile on his face. Messages like these are especially great if he’s having a tough day or you miss him a ton. Try something like:

“You’re just like bacon. You make everything better.”

“Forget butterflies. I feel the whole zoo when I’m with you!”

“The time we spend together is like a hot dog. I relish it.”

Method 5 Text him about your next date.

Image titled Show Your Boyfriend You Love Him over Text Step 5

Plan something special, then let him know about it over text. You can make reservations at a fancy restaurant, rent a hotel somewhere, or even just plan a fun night in. Then, text your bf all about it so he can get excited for it. Planning dates shows that you care for him and you look forward to seeing him again. Say something like:

“Do you have any plans on Friday? I was thinking of getting us tickets to a movie that night.”

“Pack your bags! I just rented a room on the coast for next weekend.”

“Are you free this weekend? I was thinking we could go mini golfing.

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