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Keep Her Forever: Some Romantic Ideas To Help You Hold On To Your Girlfriend

Do you want to show your girl how romantic you can be? You are in the perfect place! We have romantic ideas to surprise your girlfriend and a single mission: to manage to leave her speechless with sensitivity and originality. In the following list you will find everything from manual surprises for your girlfriend that you can do at home, to trips to the past, specifically, at the beginning of your relationship. You dare?

Remember that the important thing in a relationship is not anniversaries and birthdays, but taking care of it daily. Therefore, do not look for specific dates to show your most romantic side because, at that moment, your partner will already be predisposed to receive some detail. Be creative at any unmarked moment and amazement is guaranteed.

Create a charm to keep love.

They say that there are lucky charms that can preserve love. Make yours yourself and give it to your partner as a token of affection! On the Internet, you can find tutorials on how to make charms at home. However, any object that is important to you can serve as such. Even if you don't believe in this kind of thing, the important thing is the show of love and the meaning that you give it.

Relive your first date . Do you remember where your first date was?

Prepare everything to take you there and make everything as it was then. If you keep the clothes you were wearing, put them on. If you remember the perfume you were wearing, put it on. Travel back in time and act like it's really your first date. Romanticism in its purest form!

Recreate a scene from your favorite movie.

Think of that movie that your girlfriend watches over and over again. Now choose your most representative scene and try to recreate it. We know that it is complicated; but, if you put your mind to it, surely you can get something similar. Act as one of the protagonists and he will hallucinate.

Send her a daily message.

Think and write a few romantic texts that talk about your relationship or how important she is to you. They don't have to be very long; better quality than quantity. Then you just have to send him a daily text by email for as long as you want. Surely he is not expecting it and you steal a smile from him! You can also do it on WhatsApp.

Put notes in your book.

Write small notes with messages of love and reasons why you love her, to put them later between the pages of the book that is being read at that moment. He will find them during the week and we are sure that you will get a smile from him.

Play a game that assesses how much you know about each other.

Write questions about life in general on small pieces of paper and put them in a box. Then ask him to play to see how much you know about each other. Establish a prize or reward for whoever wins, for example, who can choose what to eat that night or what to watch on television. The questions can be of the type of 'What is my dream vacation like?' or raise the bar with 'What clothes were you wearing when we met?'.

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