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Don't Open This If You Are With Your Girlfriend/Boyfriend

1. Are you suspecting your girlfriend is cheating on you? Call her best friend a slay queen and you will hear your girlfriend's story in 2 seconds.

2. I’m selling puma sneakers Ghc30. They are fake but no one will notice if you’re walking fast.

3. Continue stealing people's girlfriends and call it fun until you steal mine and run mad you will trek from Ghana to Egypt.

4. You can ignore my messages but in my dreams you are the mother of my 3 kids.

5.Sleeping next to your new girlfriend for the first time is tough. You have to breath in English not too loud, not too deep and not too fast.

6.If your girlfriend says do whatever makes you happy just know that you already have a replacement. My brother open your eyes.

7. Seeing what Qatar and Saudi Arabia are doing with their oil money makes me wonder if Ghana is selling coconut oil.

8. Hello baby, so it's true we are done just like that? Why you want a receipt?

9. Meeting someone new is very stressful, sometimes you have to pretend you have sense until you get use to each other then you both know it's all packaging, you both have no sense!. This life is just a cycle of fooling. 

10. If she's blocking and unblocking you, marry that crazy lady, she loves you. Women who truly loves you behave like.

Content created and supplied by: KelvinAlaska (via Opera News )

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