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My Husband Poured Acid On Me Because I Refused To Kill Our Unborn Baby In My Womb -Woman

Marriage as I was taught in high school is a union between two people from different families usually a man and a woman who have agreed to stay for the rest of their lives as husband and wife. And some of the reasons why people marry as I can recall is for companionship, financial support, procreation(child birth), respect from the society etc with the main reason being procreation in our society I think. One would be criticized for getting married for a long time and not having a baby in our society, many of you will bear with me on this. However, not all people see this to be great news in their marriages. This article you are about to read is about a man who poured acid on his own wife for getting pregnant for the fifth time. This is brought to you by Dimaskinosnews. Please like, comment, share and follow for more updates.This woman you see is called Alexa. She is married with (before the incident) four children with her husband. She got pregnant with the fifth one and told the husband about what she thought as great news. The husband as I have earlier on said was not in favor of the pregnancy and then asked the woman to abort the baby. The woman told her that she wouldn’t and this led to an argument between the two. According to the woman, the husband’s reason for the abortion was that they were failing in taking care of the first four kids because they were living in a bad condition and that it would be impossible to feed them all.This life and death argument for the unborn baby went on and on until the man gave up the verbal fight and left the house. The woman as she recalled said she thought the husband had agreed to have the baby as he got out without uttering a word anymore.

This was not a problem for the woman. She then did whatever she had to do and left for the market to trade in order to get money for the family. Upon her return, she saw the husband in the house who had placed money on a table in the room for the abortion to take place. The woman ignored it, and then joined the husband who was laying down quietly in bed just as any other wife would do.

So as they were sleeping, the unsuspecting woman said she could feel something poured on her that made her feel like the body was on fire. She woke up in reaction to defend herself which led to the spilling of the remaining substance on the husband. The two were were rushed to the hospital where both parties were in coma. The man however woke up on the second week leaving the woman still in coma. She said she woke up 2 months later.She said: When I woke up, the doctor told me to agree on the abortion of the child as I may face a life or death situation when delivering it. She said she refused that suggestion and waited to give birth. Her reason for this as she revealed was that, she would be killing an innocent soul and that she was not prepared to do.

She then got to the time for her to deliver and she came out successfully with little or no complications.

She gambled with her life so that the baby could live. This is the heart of a woman, a mother. Going against all odds so her baby could live.

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