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"Painful" - My Mum Is An Opportunist And She Is Yet To Marry Her Fourth Husband

Marriage has been the order of the day for most young men and women who are willing to build a home. Having the best marriage is one of the thing most people dream of. Successful and happy marriage is a long conversation which always seems to be short. My name is Peggy and I'm 17 years. I still live with my mum in the Volta region. I have two siblings and we all have different fathers. I still can't believe but that is the truth. My mum is a trader who own a cosmetic shop in the market so we normally go there in weekends to sell.

Eventhough my biological dad is a good man, I can't still understand why my mum left him for another man. This is a question I still demand answer anytime I have deeper conversation with my mum. Sometimes, I begin to wonder if indeed I'm her biological daughter. Due to the heartbreaks she has suffered from many men, he refused to settle down in a traditional or legal marriage.

Her actions has been a major problem for my junior siblings and I. About some days ago, she told me we should be expecting for a stepfather we never asked for. This is the fourth time she is dating a man and that raised serious arguments at home. Her job offers her little sales and it would take many years to put up a mansion.

She is building a house and the foundation was laid by the first husband and the other done by other men. She always told me never to trust men and her actions has rendered us emotionally paralyzed. I don't want her to go in for another man because I have the feeling he might disappoint her but she keeps looking out for the live of her life.

Should I watch my mum to marry her fourth husband or I should do something quick to stop their undying love for each other.

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Peggy Volta


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