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Ladies Need To Look Out Now, This Is What Men Now Wear Under Their Shirt To Get Six Packs

It's nothing new to see women go the extra mile to try and look as beautiful as they can, women spend minutes if not hours wearing make ups, such things are normal these days.

But what is not normal is seeing men also go that extra mile to look as masculine as possible in order to impress women.

Now it's like a thug of war, some women would wear fake bottom under their outfits just to look perfectly shaped and thereby catch the attention of men, the same way, men have now wisen up and have devised their own secret weapon, the fake six packs under shirt.

If not closely observed, when worn, the fake is wearing fake abs under his cloth.

Everyone is now turning fake in order look perfect extremely perfect, ladies you need to look out, not all perfectly shaped abs are actually six packs, they may just be fake.

That's what trying to impress people has turned many to, people are now afraid to be themselves because they feel they might be rejected.

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