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Do not follow riches to be in a relationship with men, some are evil and will sacrifice your life

Many poor guys have had a bitter taste of their lives in proposing to ladies. The ladies out there are no more interested in guys who are a "work in progress". They love the guys who have already made it in life. There is no problem when you take into consideration the background of the guy because some guys are doing the worst things to get these riches. This article talks about a lady who has fallen a victim to the blood sacrifice of a young lover she met. She wanted to live a good life but it seems it will all be over soon. I hope you do take lessons from this short piece.

This lady is 26 years of age and she got the opportunity to meet a young guy who happens to be 24 years of age. Literally, the lady is older than the guy but that shouldn't stop them from loving each other. Love knows no boundaries and hence, age is just a number. Age should never be a barrier to being in a happy relationship.

The young guy happened to be a scammer and like we already know, these guys do get money a lot from their illegal activities. Due to the money they get at a very early stage in their lives, most of them have no respect for people since the money controls them and they think they can do whatever they want or like. They tend to go in for as many women as they want, they buy expensive cars at a very early age, they engage in drugs, tattoo their bodies and do a whole lot of stuff.

The 26-year old lady who happens to be the girlfriend of this young man decided to stroll together with him when she got to realize that she could gain material benefits from the relationship. I think that is very shallow since she is probably not going to be the only girl this scammer is going to sleep with. There is a high probability that he will take other women to bed and also the probability that he would transfer an infection to the lady by sleeping with her.

Imagine following someone to get material benefits only to contract HIV/AIDS. What then would be the sense behind going for that money? Unluckily for this lady, she didn't even contract HIV/AIDS. Well, she would have lived a little longer before dying. Unknowingly, this 24 year old boy had taken her to a fetish priest to sacrifice her soul for money. This is the price you pay for being too negligent.

At this moment, this lady sees maggots coming from her genitals even though, she is not dead yet. She has been a victim of human sacrifice and this moment might be too late for her. I don't know but I think she's running out of time and there is a very little opportunity of her surviving the next 3 months. I hope the girls reading this will get to learn something from this little piece. Some men will make you feel like a queen and then drop you from the status of queen straight to being a slave.

Sometimes, don't reject the proposal of men just because you think they are poor. Instead, see the efforts they make into getting out of the "poor zone". It is better you date a man who is a work in progress than going in for a rich guy who will kill you at the end. Remember that not all that glitters is gold.

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