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My Hubby Almost Killed Me After I Found Out That He Was Sleeping With Men For Money: Lady Confess

A lady by the name Hannah wambui a single mother of three has painfully narrated how her husband almost killed her when she found out that he was sleeping with other men for money.

He seemed to her to be a gift from God. Her pastor in Nyeri referred to him as a Goodman because he was a humble man and a singer. They only dated for a short time before marrying, and her days of horror began.

Unbeknownst to her, her husband was gay and had recently married to conceal his behaviour. Their marriage was beset by squabbles and arguments, but she persisted in her efforts to save it.

She told Tuko Talks that she was bullied by her father as a child and didn't finish high school. Her spouse took advantage of the fact that she lacked support from friends and relatives.

'He'd get calls late at night calling men 'baby,' and if I asked him about it, he'd urge me to stop delving into his life,' she added.

He would sometimes be caught faking nudes and sending them to other men, and when they spoke, he would act as though he had changed.

She even seek the help of her pastor, who spoke with her husband for two months before reverting to his old habits. Due to her husband's philandering, she had been infected with many venereal diseases.

When he took a knife and tried to kill her one day, her children's wailing drew the attention of the neighbors. The mother of three claims she observed no red flags while dating the man and that she, too, was yearning for a marriage and to be loved.

Despite this, since she was saved, she has refused to give in to her husband's need for anal. Her marriage dissolved two months after she gave birth to their third child by cesarean section.

The husband was encouraged to make a permanent change, but he chose to walk away. He removed everything, including the children's clothes, and left them with nothing except an old mattress to sleep on.

He told her before he left that he was weary of being with her and that he would continue to be gay. She claims she tried to kill her children and herself but couldn't bring herself to do it. "When I sharpened the knife and lifted it, some people said, 'Mom, don't murder us,' and I got upset and couldn't do it," she explained.

Hannah further added that she has no where to go despite the husband leaving her. From video online Hannah is seen shading tears because of the painful incident that happened to her . This story has left her feeling sad over the incident that happened to her.

What do you think? Is it right for a man to sleep with a man when he is married? What should wives do to protect their marriages? ozMp63q0R5o

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