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"You Are a Sign Of End Time" A Black Man Marries An Arab Lady, Here is The Reactions Of The Arabs

We have heard people saying so many times that love conquers all, but sometimes the challenges that one faces when you are in love might make it difficult for the love to conquer.

We have seen many instances where people from the white race chose to marry black people but this sometimes comes at a price.

There should be no place for discrimination or racism in our society, since we are all human being and was created by only one God, we should always tolerate ourselves no matter the colour, the language and the ethnicity.

Despite the differences in our religion, we should all understand that it's only one God who created everyone of us just that the way we worship him is different and that should never be a problem.

This is about a handsome black man from Sudan who married an Arabian lady. I don't know how he did it, but he ended up marrying the Arab lady, and even though he scale through the wrath of the family but he couldn't escape the wrath of the internet users who were all over him simply because he married whom his heart desires.

See what an arabian said below:

So by getting married to black people is a sign of the end of the world or is it because it's a black man that's why they call it end of the world? Is it not God who created him?, why do we like bringing out issues where there is no issue, it's so sad that in this modern age we are still living in the past.

Is there anything wrong in marrying people from other race? Let's hear your own view

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