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Husband and wife relationship

Shameless Lady Slap Her Husband Live On TV For Accusing Her Of Being Dirty (Video)

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I know majority of you have come to the notice of various FM/TV stations introducing sections on their programs which discuss about relationships and meant to solve marital disputes. Infact it has really become rampant of late and am wondering if such programs are doing more good or harm because the kind of stories that surfaces on the internet after most of such programs are really mind bursting.A video sighted on Instagram sees couples settling their differences in the studio of Adom, the husband accused wife of being dirty. Acccording to the husband, he is the one who even wash the clothes of their children. He asked the host to confirm it from his landlady who was also in the studio wearing all black. The lady denied all the allegations labeled on her by the husband and gave him a hot slap with no shame live on the program, saying the husband is a liar and why must he say such things about her publicly. Infact, everybody in the studio was shocked by her action, this shows she has no respect at all.

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