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Easy ways to keep your man's heart close to you

Do you think your man is thinking about you now? We all always want to answer "yes".

Even on a busy day, there are some easy ways to encourage her husband's wandering heart to always come back to you. If he's always thinking of you, that may mean he really cares about you and you always keep in mind. Or ... he may be obsessed with you.

1. Make fun of him first thing in the morning.

As you get ready for work, walk about as long as you can in your underpants and "accidentally" rub your body up against his. Incorporate a few tiny moments of enticing bending over. He'll be at a loss for what to do with himself.

2. kiss him.

Give him a good morning kiss right before work that he will think about all day - a kiss that will make him consider making himself sick. I was referring to a five-minute teasing kiss that would force her to breathe through a respirator.

3. Make a subtle desire call or text to him.

Use current technology to make a call or call you to just say, "Hmm..." It might be a sexual text message or just a short message like "I miss you." In either case, it will make your man happy. A quick suggestive text message or a call from you to remind him of your wish will be a sensual surprise as long as you don't dominate his gadget.

4. Send him an emotional note.

Write a physical note of lust the old-fashioned way. It does not need to be very long. A sliver of coloured paper tucked into his pocket will serve as an enticing reminder when he goes looking for something else later.

5. Hide something unappealing for him to find.

This is for people who have a flare for the dramatic. Slipping a pair of your sexiest underwear into your briefcase, backpack, or laptop bag will make it think of you. Make sure they're in a secure location where they won't fall in front of anyone... If you don't want your employees to be thinking about you all day, don't do it.

6. Do something completely out of the ordinary.

If you always get together after work, switch things up. Show up at his office in a trench coat with nothing underneath, or invite him to meet you at a bar you've never been to and tell him to call you by your name.

IDazzlingly he'll think you're somewhat off your rocker.

7. Post a photo that is a little too suggestive.

You've certainly sent him a slew of sexy selfies, but how about one that keeps him guessing?

Take a picture of your underwear drawer, your lightly tousled bedsheets the nape of your neck... you get the idea. Use ambiguity to tease him.

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