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True Love Exist: Man Carry Is Drunk Girlfriend To Safety. See Video

A man, probably between the ages of 20 and 30, was recorded carrying his girlfriend, who was believed to be drunk, to their home. The man can be seen walking by the roadside carrying the girl on his shoulder. While walking down the roadside with his drunk girlfriend, people can be heard in the background questioning who the man is carrying. He responds, "is girlfriend," and when they ask, "Is it true?" she also responds, "Yes, I'm fine, and it is true."

The Twitter user that shared this post indicates that the insecurity of women in that community has made the girl's boyfriend worried and has come to look for her. When he saw her, she was drunk, so he had no option but to carry her to safety because of the insecurity of women in that community. The girlfriend can also be seen drunk to the extent that she doesn't really know where she is or where the boyfriend is taking her to. But I think she is a very lucky girl because she finds a guy who really cares about her.

RybroX writes, "In a country full of GBV and most places being unsafe for women, this girl is so lucky to find a guy who carries her like that." Apparently, the girl was very drunk and the boyfriend came and carried her to safety. "

Click on here to watch the video

What is your view on this? Will you do the same thing if you find your girlfriend drunk?

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