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Husband and wife relationship

Dear ladies, no matter how much you love a man, don't marry him if he displays these 6 "ugly" things

Inasmuch getting married is a good thing, but if care is not taken, things may fall apart for the lady in particular. To avoid, "had I known?", take note of the following category of men:

1. A man who will see assisting the wife with house chores as a foolish thing that only bewitched men would do.

2. A man that will see seeking the consultation of his wife over issues relating to their marriage as a thing only feeble and foolish men do.

3 A man who will see seeking for the opinion of his wife on issues as a thing meant for weaklings and foolish men.

4. A man that will see bending his rules to make peace and deposit some level of happiness in his wife as a thing done by foolish men alone.

5 A man that will see assisting the woman to cook as something that irresponsible, jobless and foolish men do for their wives.

6. A man will see sharing his plans and discussing same with his wife as something meant for men that are not autonomous and men that are foolish.

There are loads of things that a man would not do to make his wife feel loved. Sadly, those things a man would see as foolishness are the real buttons that can activate the best in her; the kind that would make her give him the best. To make a woman really happy, you must appear foolish. Appearing foolish does not mean you are foolish indeed. It is just a way of creating an enabling environment for her.

All things being equal, when a man gives his woman his best, the lady's best is naturally actuated and given by the woman wholly and unreservedly.

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