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Divorce Affair

Five (5) things you should never tell your partner no matter how you love him or her.

Partners are suppose to discuss their challenges together and share their life together but all these things have limits. There are certain things we should never tell or discuss with our partners no matter how much we love them.

Five key points have been identified as follows

#1. Family Secret

Every family have something unique they share or keep and should never be given out to anyone. Marriage can be broken at anytime and if you make a mistake by informing your partner about it, he or she can use it against you if it is something bad.

In a case it is positive, he or she might pretend to love you just because of that thing. 

#2. Bank details

Never and ever give your bank details to your partner and never reveal how much you earn to your partner as well. The reason is that, if your partner knows how much earn and ask for something you could not do, it can bring confusion in between you.

#3. Your past relationship

What has pass has passed, don't tell your partner why you ended your past relationships because it can ruin your relationship. For example, If you ended your previous relationships because you were not able to meet their financial needs your partner may think you are greedy or may not give her money when she ask for it.

#4. Negative Compliments

In fact this bring divorce within a twinkle of an eye. Everyone has something bad in his or her life so you should never recount on your partner's faults. Don't insult her on his or weakness even it is a joke. 

#5. Never tell your partner someone is better than him or her. Comparisons can kill relationship so let us try as much as we can and stop comparing our partners to others.

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Family Secret


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