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“Apuu, What’s Marriage?” Young Men in Ghana are Afraid to Settle and This is Why.

As we all know, fornication is on spree in this country. There is always a suicide case from a toxic relationship. Some also end up crazy. I remember when I was in level 300 at the University of Ghana, we visited the Pantang Mental centre to get a better understanding of psychology. As we got to the location, one lady from the facility jumped onto one of the male students and started attempting to kiss him. The lady referred to my colleague as Dennis what kept you so long, come and kiss me. She literally struggled till my colleague kissed her before she could calm down. She was there because of a man- Dennis.

So, there is clearly relationships going about the entire nation. Every man appears occupied but many of them are unsettled. They sometimes spend on these ladies, care for them, support them and occasionally have coitus interaction with them. The desire to have all these are imperative and they are impressive signals that the men are active and ripe to settle but they refuse. And this leaves many women wondering why.

Upon thorough gaze and research, I finally settled on two most gallant reasons why men are antagonistic towards marriage. Look, when we say marriage, we mean money. Money is used to run everything in the family. When one settles, there are bills to pay, fees to pay, hospital charges to settle, transport, feeding a family and even the money for the marriage alone is mind-blowing. This is the real fact on the ground. When one settles, there is less chance that he would run to the parents for favours again. Besides, you’re regarded as mature enough to even take care of your parents as well.

But in Ghana, how many youths are employed? The last time when Ghana Army organized the recruitment for new personnel, there was a legion of people who flooded the stadium for offer. Even recently, when there are immigration, police, prison and fire service opened their portals for new personnel, over 108,000 applied and the police are ready to pick just 5000 of them. I understand not all of them are men, but the majority of them are men. Thus, it sends a strong signal to the world that they are somewhat struggling in this thing called- Life. So, many of these guys wouldn’t want to settle with no job or less paying job.

Again, those who are married also doesn’t make it enticing for the young ones. They always tell the hard part, struggling part, the uncomfortable parts etc. So, these comments have been established in the minds of some of these guys and they are scared as hell. These are the reasons why most of the men in Ghana are failing to settle even as they have girlfriends.


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