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Divorce Affair

Bill Gates and Melinda Gates divorce after 27 years

Marriage is an institution with its OWN rules. To stay in it, YOU MUST abide by it. You can pretend to be abiding by it in the face of people, but it will certainly give you out.

If only people understood "and they are no longer two, but one flesh", we would have seen how we've misinterpreted what makes marriages as institutions work. Money is essential to run a union, but not the ultimate. The ultimate is to understand what it means to be one flesh, strive to do and better it every time, whilst appreciating what can threaten it.

Unfortunately, being rich as Bill and the rest is NOT PART of the requirements for a successful union. Its not! The "noise" about they being rich, yet they are divorced shows how we have all being naive about what makes unions work. We are really insufficient in the sense that make marriages work! It's a pity!ty!

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