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She or he will be madly in love with you if you do this.

This article is to make your partner fall deeply in love with you or to make him/her melt with you. Before you will finish reading this article, you can leave your comments below. Love is all about seeing your partner to be part of your life always and if you are a marriage wife or husband, this is an opportunity for you to make your partner madly fall in love with you without any interaction, but if you don't love him or her, please don't try this.

Without wasting much time, this is very simple but doesn't have to do with spiritual aspect of it. All you need is to get a piece of paper, pen and get an empty water bottle that have a cover.So what you will do is to write the name of your partner on that paper and make sure you should use a blue pen but don't use red one. Get a salt and fill the bottle with water, fold the paper and put it inside the water, then the next thing is to pour the salt inside the water and cover it. After that, make sure you shake the bottle and as you are shaking it, say as this salt and water mixed together, so shall our love mix together, so shall our love be unconditionally, so shall you love me forever or till eternity.

If you are in a serious relationship or if you are a marriage couples, this is the very simple things you can do. But remember, you need to open your mouth and say it as you're shaking the bottle. Just say what ever you want it to be. Please this is applied to both male and female.

What you will do is to keep the bottle it in a quiet hidden place, but if you want to undo it, all you need is to open the bottle and pour the water down. It is just simple as that and you can try it to experience the reality of it.

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