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Why Men Lose Interest In A Woman After Making Love

One of the things that every woman cherishes and adores much is her womanhood and her identity. These are the things no woman wants to downplay. 

This is the reason why when a woman is used and dumped by a man, it really goes through her spine. It pains her much more than anything because she values and treasures that which she gave out to a man out of what she calls love.

So most single women ask me a lot of times why men or the guys they loved lost interest after making love to them. 

This made me ask this handsome young man about why they lose interest in women after having intimacy with them.

And he told me he dated a lady who has all the qualities he was looking for in a woman. He said the young woman is very intelligent, beautiful, confident, passionate and fun to be around with. 

But he lost interest in her after having an affair with her because she slept with him too soon. Although this is not with all guys, some of them honestly lost interest when this happened.

Some of the guys also told me they do lose interest after having an affair with a woman whom they literally don't feel non-physical attraction for them.

Which means the lady may be nice with all the qualities of a woman but they may not have the flair to continue a relationship with them.

The truth is for men, physical and non-physically attraction are also linked except when it come to  issues of sex. 

Most guys may chase a lady for a very long time not because they really love the lady for a relationship, but only based on attraction to sleep with the lady.

As a woman, In other words the fact that you are satisfying a man in bed with all your skills does not mean he will take you seriously in a relationship afterwards.

He may just say anything, to the point of faking non-physically, in order to get you to bed to satisfy his feelings.

So after everything these guys will have nothing more to do with you again so far as they have achieved their purpose.

Other thing that also makes men lose interest after sex is when they realize the lady is getting too emotional involved about having a serious relationship with them afterwards.

So as a lady you may be emotionally attached to a man after sleeping with a man but he may think it's just something casual. And he may freak out when he sees that you are taking things too seriously.

Finally why men lose interest in sex is that not all relationships are meant to last. Some fizzle out very fast no matter what will happen between the two partners. And no amount of intimacy will make it work if he’s not the one meant for you.

My advice to my dear women is for them to note that their sexual power over men is incredibly potent. Men wouldn’t mind climbing over the tallest mountain in the world just to have sex but will still not be interested to take that relationship to the next level.

Although sex is a healthy component of a balance relationship but i advise that it should be shared and enjoyed with a man who has married you.

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