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Save yourself and family from generational curses by doing this.

Generational curses are words invoked by an individual, group of people or a nation against another person, group of people such as families and even nations, that affects victims children and their generations. It is believed that since the time of Adam till now generational curses have been a normal phenomenon in most families and in many homes across the globe. What at all would cause someone to curse a fellow human.

More times people curse their fellows due to bad treatments melted out to them from the cursed victim, and they do that as a pay back. Spirits around also hold unto the words of the person invoking the curse and deals with the victim. There are other reasons why someone would curse the fellow but the major one is the one stated above. Note that it's not only human who can curse their fellows but other spirits also can curse someone.

Generational curses can be in many forms, it can be that in the victims family nobody gives birth and even those who are fortunate to give birth won't be able to sustain their marriages hence ending up as single parents. It can also be that all the males in the family die early than females in the family. In other families too they grow old but no one in the family ever gets rich. One thing is it's not the same in all families, it is always different in every family. This situation can be disturbing when you know nothing about such a thing but you're are forced to face it. But it's about time we fought against generational curses.

In today's write up I will be exposing you to a way you can deal with generational curses. But before then the first thing you need to do is to pray before applying what I'm about teaching you and I know the good Lord will hear your cry and save you. All you need is odii seed, prekese in our local language and myrrh, pound them in mortar and bath with it for 21 days. Don't forget to pray anything you use it.

Share to save a friend and a related from this demon thank you.

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