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Opinion: Can you marry a rich girl with these conditions?

Marriage is something that is very important in the life every matured person whether male or female. But, there are some cases whereby when couples wants to get married some conditions arises which may want to put a stop to the marriage, but those with determination will always conquer. In this article I have gathered about six conditions rich girl gives for any man who wishes to get married to her must obey.

These conditions are may not be very comfortable, but when you think about the financial aspect of it I believe most men will want to rush into it, while others may not want to. Without wasting anytime further let's see these conditions given by the rich girl below;

1. Any man who wishes to marry me must be ready to surrender to my orders in the house due to the fact that I will be the one providing the money.

2. The man must wash my clothes, clean my shoes and wash the dishes also.

3. He must always be ready to prepare the kids for school without any complain.

4. Anytime we go out the man must not speak before and he must follow my orders.

5. He must not complain if I bring other men to the house since I will have to take care of him financially.

6. His family members must not come to my house for any reason.

7. He must not not any female friend apart from me.

8. He must always be ready to treat me like a Queen.

9. Any man who also wishes to get married to me must know that he will be the one going to the market, and only to specific places I send him.

10. He must be ready to do all of the above without complain and showing of attitude.

What is your say? Can you marry a rich girl with these conditions? Kindly drop your comments below and share with friends.

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