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DID YOU KNOW? In Swahili Newly Weds Must Be Watched While Having Fun On The Night Of Their Wedding

In Swahili tradition, a lady who marries because of a prime moved marriage has a marriage guide known as "Somo." The marriage tutor will be under the bed during their first night, while the love birds will consummate and moan in the love tub. For a fulfilled marriage, this task must be performed according to the Swahili tradition. Under the direction of the coach or observer, this must be achieved. The marriage tutor is picked to be the lady of the hour in the Swahili society. The tutor is the individual who knows or prepares to be an acceptable spouse in the proficient process. In an article called the Mystery of Coastal Women Revealed, this very significant detail is well illustrated.

An old woman considered to be "Somo" prepares the lady of the hour in the pre-wedding preparation on how best to serve her partner. Hence, the sweet marriage coach rests under the bed of the lady of the hour on the main night and the lucky man to ensure that the lady of the hour does well on her first night. After a night held under Somo's auspices. By flaunting the bits of bed clothing to prove that the lady was a virgin before last night, the Somo affirms fulfillment of the marriage rites.

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Coastal Mystery of Swahili


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