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How To Overcome The Fear Of Dating

We probably don't need to remind you, but the corona crisis has done little good to our date life. Fortunately, thanks to the beautiful weather, we will soon be able to go out with a date a little more easily, although you must of course dare to do so. FODA, fear of dating, is one thing. Feeling more anxious than usual about dating is so normal that a name has been created for it.

FODA is real . And there's nothing crazy about that. Due to the corona crisis, dating in itself has come to look very different. You may have encountered ghosting for the first time this time , which has caused you to lose some confidence. That's why we give you 5 tips to overcome FODA.

1. Manage your expectations

With every 'habit' you have to have a goal in mind and manage your expectations. There's no point in going cold turkey again. However, it is important to keep your expectations low, so that you are not immediately disappointed again.

Real-life dating is another huge step and realize it. Going on a date once actually means that you are successful and you have gone Over your FODA.

2. Icebreaker

There are few people who are not nervous on a first date. Especially now, after we all had little time to go out. So realize that your date will also be nervous. It can really be a relief to admit out loud that you are nervous and affected by FODA. Before your date starts, you could text that you're nervous, or bring it up casually with a joke.

3. Talking points

Are you already worried about what to do if there are silences before your date? Stop that. You can be prepared in that regard and come up with some talking points for yourself.hose can be things you can ask your date about. Try to be interested, rather than just interesting.

4. The topic 'corona'

There is a good chance that one of your talking points will be the corona crisis. You can not avoid it. And although that makes perfect sense, it has captivated us for a year now, it can also be nice to keep it light. This way you might skip the more serious part, and talk about cool projects you picked up during the quarantine.

5. Focus on yourself

Dating sucks, of course, but at the end of the day, remember that you are the most important person in your life. May sound cheesy , but make yourself a priority. Do things that make you happy.

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