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8 Signs That Your Pretty Female Coworker Really Likes You

At work, you hang out with people every day, several hours a day. When you look at it closely, you spend more time with your coworkers than with anyone else. Normal for friendships to develop, but also normal for attractions to develop. 

When you are available, it is one thing, but when you are not, it is another ... Anyway, there are signs that reflect the attraction that can have a colleague to you; here are 8.

1. The eye contact , the insistence, the tenacity of the gaze

When she talks to you, she always looks you straight in the eye and her gaze is longer than with others. When you are not looking at her, she seeks your gaze (and will find it ...). When she talks with other people and you're around, she always gives you a few glances, which she doesn't with other people.

2. She often comes to see you.

All the reasons are good for it to come to your desk in order to be in your presence. We are talking about reasons that did not necessarily require your intervention. She is always smiling and you feel that she is happy to come to see you. If, in addition, you savor each of its presences, this story will ignite sooner or later. You have the impression that she is always on your way ... but it is not for nothing.

3. She addresses you differently from others, and she always sits with you when the opportunity arises (meetings, dinner, get-togethers etc.).

She listens to you talk to her, is very interested in what you are saying and she also talks to you a lot, in a different way than to others. She always positions herself to capture your attention and always looks her best in front of you. The exchanges become more friendly, even when it comes to professional matters. You are also always her first choice, the first person she wants to sit with.

4. All reasons are good for “brushing against” you.

This is the portion of physical attraction. Of course, some people have a natural tendency to touch others when they are chatting, except that she is only with you. She will take you by the arm on occasion, put her hand on yours to support what she is saying. It thus tests your level of acceptance of this contact. When she gets to giving you a big hug for all the right reasons, let's say her affection or attraction is clear.

5. She pays you close attention.

For example, when you chat with her, she remembers a lot of small details. You tell her that you like coffee in a certain way and one morning, several weeks later, she arrives at the office with two coffees, one for you, just the way you like it. You tell him that you like sweets, for example little gummy bears. Coming back from dinner, you have a little bag of gummy bears on your desk. These are little touches, just for you.

6. She talks to you about her personal life.

Fairly quickly, you become intimate, and she confides in you, tells you personal things and thus shows you her confidence in you, but also of the pleasure that she experiences by discussing with you. All these things, she wouldn't tell anyone else ...

7. She is very curious about you, about your life.

She is increasingly interested in many facets of your life, especially your personal life. She likes to be aware of what you are doing, your favorite things to do. One day, she will offer you one of these activities in her company.

8. She appeals to you ... always to you.

She writes to you, asks you for advice on such and such a file, needs to better understand such and such a thing, all the other colleagues are available, but you are her resource person. The worst part is that a lot of times you know she knows the answer, but she was tempted to talk to you. If you have been without contact for several hours, she will surely find a reason to appear in your door frame.

In short, if you are available and interested, you can afford to respond to these signs, to invite him to do something in the evening outside office hours; you are very lucky that she accepts ... On the other hand, if you are not available, it is better not to get into the game, even if it is very tempting, because the situation will get out of control. certain moment, and that's where it will hurt, all around all around.

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