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Facts about people born on Saturday.

Saturday has proven to be one of the best days to be born, due to the fact that it's the 7th and last day of the week. It is also spiritually connected with protection. People born on Saturday possess some special qualities which make them unique in their own ways. At the same time, it is a very bad day to buy any object made from iron metal. People born on Saturday are known to be very discipline and intelligent. They are very strict and straightforward at times.

Saturday is associated with the planet Saturn. Babies born on Saturday are very determined and work hard to make a living. They also like to be practical sometimes. Saturday babies are mostly shy and good hearted individual who would do their best in order to make their partners happy. People born on Saturday are really blessed with lots of things, making them successful in life. 

Bellow are some common Characteristics of people born on Saturday :

1. Most Saturday babies are very intelligent.

2. People born on Saturday are slow and study.

3. Males born on Saturday are great team leaders.

4. Females born on Saturday are very beautiful and perfect lovers.

5. Saturday babies are professional and practical human beings.

6. Most people born on Saturday are business minded people.

Bellow are some pictures and behaviors of people born on the other days of the week :

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