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91 year old woman marries her 73 year old boyfriend after 10 year relationship

A 91-year-old woman married the love of her life in a grand wedding ceremony after dating for just over a decade.

Evelina Meadder tied the wedding noose with her longtime boyfriend Calgent Wilson, 73, at a wedding in Jamaica. According to The Mirror , the new bride's love affair dates back to 2009, when Evelina fell ill and Calgent, a farmer, took care of her until she recovered.

During their 10-year romantic relationship, the 73-year-old has talked about marriage and even made the proposal to his partner on several occasions, but only during his drunkenness.

“He only talked about marriage when he had a drink or two and I laughed at the proposals,” she said. However, her family convinced her to accept the farmer and she finally agreed and soon after, plans for the wedding began.

The man chose his wife's 91st birthday as their wedding day to make the day even more special.

“We do not disagree on anything and I am now happy that we have sealed our harmonious relationship,” said the bride who is a mother of four.

In the same wake, AbdRahman Munse-Bwaye, a 96-year-old old man, married 73-year-old Rukaya Yamwa-Piri in Piri, a council village in the Kwali region of Abuja. , Nigeria.

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