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Husband and wife relationship

"I Slept With My Cousin Because My Husband Never Sustained Me enough But I Regret it" Woman Pleads

Catherine is a mother of two kids, and she has narrated her story of what made her cheat on her ex-husband with her cousin in their matrimonial bed.

Her family relied on her husband for money, but Robbert was a manual daily laborer who earned just enough to provide for their daily meals and the little money he was giving to his wife as pocket money and daily savings.

When Catherine realized that her husband's money wasn't enough, she decided to create her own little business in a modest shop with the money she saved from what her husband used to give her.

She wasn't making enough money, so she later opted for another job and was hired as a waitress at a nightclub. She claimed it was a better job than selling vegetables, as her husband initially proposed. She said she started neglecting her husband after she got a job.

Catherine used to bring her cousin to their house and they would both sleep in the same bed, she confessed. However, once her husband caught them making out together on their matrimonial bed, Catherine chose to leave their marriage and eventually regretted her actions toward him.

On Rembo TV, she apologized to her husband and begged him to take her back. She had learnt her lessons. Robbert, on the other hand, made it plain that he had already moved on and married an understanding woman, no matter how poor he may have been. Would you take her back if you were Robert?

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Catherine Robbert


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