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VIDEO: Treat Your Men Well Or We Will Snatch Them With Our Skills - Young Ladies Warn

Three young ladies probably between the ages of 17 and 18 years have recorded themselves and send a strong warning to women who treat their men anyhow. From their reactions in the video, it seems someone has already given them a warning about their attitude of going after people's boyfriends and husbands. But these girls have also sent a strong warning to those accusing them of snatching their men.

The two girls standing behind the girl seated said "What are they saying? Tell them some for us". The girl then said that "If you are a lady and you don't treat your man right, we are coming to snatch him from you. If you think you are boss over your man that when he says one word, you reply to him with three words, we coming for him. We will use our sweat words and caring attitude to snatch him from you".

These girls were speaking a typical Takoradi Fante language. The local dialogue they spoke suggested that they come from the Western Region part of Ghana. And their message sent seems to have an owner because their actions show that they fighting with some girls over men in their location.

You can also watch the video through the link below:

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